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YuuWaa is a cloud storage and backup service that actively syncs files stored and shared via the internet and handheld devices. The service is operated by Gemalto which is based in La Ciotat, France, and is known for offering a secure solution to users permitting access and sharing of many different types of files and documents. Suitable for both Windows and Mac users, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7,Mac OS as well as applications for mobile and tablet devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android. Founded in 2009 by Gemalto, the worlds leader in digital security and smart card technology YuuWaa operates on a Freemium financial model and its unique web interface, allows users to create their own digital data universe. Their services are similar to that of Dropbox, Box. net, Mozy and Carbonite.


Operating System: 
Gemalto SA