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YouSendIt is a Web-based secure digital file delivery company, which lets users securely send, receive and track files on demand. In 2011 the company added the ability to share folders and sign documents. It is an alternative to sending large e-mail attachments, using FTP, and sending CDs or DVDs or tape or USB flash drive via Sneakernet. The sender can enter the recipients' e-mail addresses, attach the file and send it, the recipients receive an e-mail notification with a URL that lets them download the file. The company operates on a freemium basis, with basic features being offered for free and more advanced features for a fee. YouSendIt has more than 23 million registered and 500,000 paid subscribers from 192 countries/territories. Sending a file up to 50 MB in size is free, paid accounts can send files up to 2 GB.


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