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Xdrive was an online storage company based in the United States. Its key feature was a desktop client which integrated Windows Explorer with the user's Xdrive account. By default, the drive letter mapping was X:. Early versions of the desktop client were based on WebDrive from South River Technologies. Xdrive was acquired by AOL on August 3, 2005 and provided as a service which allowed users to back up their files over the Internet. It offered a free 5 GB account to anyone with an AOL screenname. Xdrive also provided remote backup services and 50GB of storage for a $9.95 per month fee. In July 2008, it was reported that AOL would sell or close Xdrive along with several other personal media properties. The story was ultimately confirmed by sources within AOL who also asserted that affected users would be offered options for preserving their data. AOL closed Xdrive on January 12, 2009.


Operating System: