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Vigor is a clone of vi for UNIX that adds, as a joke, a cruel parody of Clippit, the Microsoft Office assistant. The name is a portmanteau of vi (the name of the original text editor) and Igor, Dr. Frankenstein's assistant. Vigor was written by Joel Ray Piquan Holveck in Sunnyvale, California, and the logo for Vigor was created by Tom Mulder. Vigor has spawned ports to other text editors as well, including Vim. There is also a Vigor visualization plugin for the audio player XMMS. The idea for Vigor originated in the User Friendly on-line comic strip by J.D. Illiad: http://ars. userfriendly. org/cartoons/?id=20000108 Vigor is currently hosted on SourceForge. net. Released under a BSD license, Vigor is free software.


Operating System: