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Ted is a word processor for the X Window System environment, which runs on Linux and other Unix-like systems. Developed primarily by Mark de Does, Ted is a lightweight yet full-featured word processor. It saves files in a Microsoft Word-compatible rich text format and has support for headers, footers, tables, different fonts, text alignment, and other features common in word processors. Ted has been translated into several languages. While the program includes a spell checker, it does not check for spelling as the user types. It is a very light-weight and fast word processor, making it ideal for older computers and embedded systems. Until version 2.17 Ted used the Motif toolkit for widget rendering and compiled and ran fine when compiled with LessTif. The current version (2.22) uses the GTK+ toolkit. Ted is Free Software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Ted 2.17 was included in Debian etch and Ubuntu Hardy Heron packages.


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Mark de Does