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Simtel is an Internet-based archive of shareware for various operating systems, particularly Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS. The Simtel archive has been available on the public Internet since 1993, when its older ARPANET host was shut down. The Simtel archive has had significant ties to the history of FreeBSD, as archive distributor Walnut Creek CDROM helped fund FreeBSD development and hosted the main Simtel archive on FreeBSD servers. The original website and long-time primary mirrors were located at www. cdrom. com, www. simtel. net, and oak. oakland. edu at Oakland University. http://groups. google. com/group/bionet. software/browse_frm/thread/fb3be7f8cd6eb708/3eb9411b7e1b993e In July 1998, the Simtel FTP server set a record for overall traffic with a total transfer amount of 417 GB of data in one day. http://www. freebsd. org/news/1998/press. html#story19987:1http://ezine. daemonnews. org/199809/news. html In May 1999, the Simtel FTP server surpassed its own record by transferring, in one day, a total of 873 GB. http://www. freebsd. org/news/1999/press. html#story19995:5


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