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ScreenShot Direct


ScreenShot Direct is a software application that facilitates getting screenshots into Microsoft PowerPoint, while relieving the end user of having to deal with the manual steps of creating new slides for each screenshot and the need to switch between PowerPoint and other applications during the process. ScreenShot Direct is not a general purpose screen capture utility and does not provide image editing capabilities. Rather it addresses a niche market of people who spend a lot of time creating presentations that consist of screenshots. The software was conceived of and created by Shoreline Software Development and is available for Windows XP, and works with Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. Once it is initially configured by specifying a presentation that will receive the screenshots and a scaling factor (specified as a percentage of the slide area), PowerPoint can remain minimized or sit behind other windows. When the user presses the print screen key, the image of the screen will be added to the presentation in a new slide. Pressing Alt+Print Screen will result in the image of the current window being added to a new slide. Ideally, this lets the user remain focused on the applications or processes that they are documenting into PowerPoint and reduces bad multitasking.


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