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SciPlore MindMapping


SciPlore MindMapping is a mind mapping application written in Java. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License and based on the open source software FreeMind. The focus of SciPlore MindMapping is on combining mind maps with PDF and reference management. It is especially suited for the needs of researchers and scientists as it offers four unique features. : Adding Reference Keys Manually: With this feature, researchers can assign a reference key to the node of a mind map. This way researchers can reference their sources from within the mind map. Adding Reference Keys (BibTeX) Automatically: If a file (e.g. PDF) is linked from a mind map and the same file is linked in the bibliographic database (BibTeX), SciPlore MindMapping extracts the BibTeX key and assigns it to the corresponding node in the mind map. PDF Bookmark Import: When a user drag&drops a PDF to a mind map, all bookmarks of the PDF are imported as separate nodes and each of the nodes is linked to the PDF file. PDF Monitoring: When new PDFs are stored in a folder on the user's hard drive, these PDFs are listed in the mind map. SciPlore MindMapping is supposed to be the first mind mapping tool that integrates mind mapping with reference management and enables the import of PDF bookmarks. The software maintains a compatible file format to FreeMind 0.9. The developer team announced in February 2011, that they plan to switch to Freeplane as code base. The cooperation with Freeplane has been discussed at a meeting of the core developers of both projects in Munich on July 2011, and as a result, future versions will be released as an independent add-on for Freeplane. Also, the SciPlore MindMapping Team has decided to change the name of future releases to Docear.


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Jran Beel, Christoph Mller, Bela Gipp