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MORE application


MORE is an outline processor application created for the Apple Macintosh in 1986 by software developer Dave Winer. An earlier outliner, ThinkTank, was developed by Winer, his brother Peter and Doug Baron. The company that made these products, Living Videotext, merged with Symantec in September 1987. With Symantec's permission, Mr. Winer has since released versions of these antique software packages on the web for free download. Functions in these outliners include: Making a hierarchical list of topics Appending notes, comments, rough drafts of sentences and paragraphs under some topics Deleting duplicate topics Merging related topics Dividing one topic into its component subtopics Assembling various low-level topics and creating a new topic to group them under Disassembling a grouping that does not work, parceling its subtopics out among various other topics Promoting a subtopic to the level of a topic Demoting a topic to become a subtopic under some other topic Dragging to rearrange the order of topics


Operating System: