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iDisk is a file hosting service offered by Apple to all MobileMe members that enables them to store their digital photos, films and personal files on-line so they can be accessed remotely. With a standard subscription, MobileMe users receive a 20GB iDisk. iDisk integrates with Mac OS X, appearing as a network drive. Mac OS X v10.3 through v10.6 can cache updates to an iDisk volume while off-line and synchronize updates later. Any WebDAV client can also access an iDisk volume. From 2000-2002, iDisk was free for all Mac users through iTools, a group of services that evolved into . Mac, and then after a name change in 2008 became MobileMe. Apple has announced that MobileMe will be discontinued on 30th June, 2012, and that iDisk will not be available after that date. Apple stated that they will not migrate iDisk service from MobileMe to iCloud.


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