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IA Writer


iA Writer is a minimalist text editor for Mac OS X and iOS developed by Information Architects Incorporated. The idea of iA Writer is to keep you focused on just writing. iA Writer has been downloaded 400,000 times by everyone from hobbyist writers to the bestselling author Augusten Burroughs. It is the top selling text editor in the App Store behind Apple's own Pages application. iA Writer has a typical layout using what the authors call writing typography, and characterized by a monospaced font, a blue cursor, and a gray background color. Since iA Writer for iPad came out, the monospaced typeface/gray background look and feel has become the quasi-standard of focused text editors. iA Writer comes without preferences to avoid the usual procrastination in the settings panel. The lack of settings has been subject to some criticismespecially because of the large font sizebut the absence of settings is a declared component of the core concept and, among other things, is part of the reason for the success of iA Writer.


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