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Code Rocket by Rapid Quality Systems is a family of software development tools aimed at improving developer productivity and code quality. It uses abstract pseudocode and flowchart views that allow users to design and visualize algorithms. Code Rocket is available as a standalone application (Code Rocket Designer) and as a plugin to the Visual Studio (Code Rocket for Visual Studio) and Eclipse (Code Rocket for Eclipse) IDEs. The current version, released in March 2012 supports C#, C/C++ and Visual Basic code in Visual Studio and C/C++ and Java code in Eclipse. All languages are available in Code Rocket Designer which doesnt require any specific IDE. The pseudocode and flowchart views are fully synchronized so that any changes made in one view are automatically reflected in the other. In Code Rocket Designer, skeleton code is being automatically produced in a variety of languages as designs are manipulated. In Code Rocket for Visual Studio and Code Rocket for Eclipse, designs are automatically reverse engineered as you move between methods in the code. The pseudocode and flowchart design views are integrated as standard Visual Studio tool windows and Eclipse views. If you make changes to the design of a method, you can commit them back into the code where the new statements will be merged with the existing code. Skeleton code is produced based on the design and is there to be implemented when the developer is ready. When code has been implemented, it is highlighted green in the flowchart and can be indicated in the pseudocode margin.


Operating System: