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ClearSQL for Oracle is an automated code review and quality control tool for Oracle PL/SQL that helps to easily understand non documented legacy PL/SQL code. Performs declaration analysis, DML analysis, cursor analysis, control flow analysis, procedure analysis, exception analysis and module analysis and displays the results in a Structure View, facilitating quick navigation through your code. Nearly 60 code review rules are detecting the misuse of GOTO, parameter declaration problems, unreferenced parameters, missing or misplaced RETURN, unlabeled END, etc. Generates a series of industry standard quality control metrics about PL/SQL source code to help you to identify potential problems in the development and maintenance of your code. Measures the quantity of your PL/SQL code by measuring the LOC. These metrics include LOC, blank lines, comment lines, lines of a single BEGIN or END, effective Lines of Code (eLOC) and code statements. Creates and visualizes clickable flowcharts and call tree diagrams and CRUD matrices of PL/SQL code that help you find the point of possible code refactoring or module restructuring, discover data flows between subroutines and dataset objects due to DML statement execution, and analyze the consistency of functional requirements and to identify performance problems. Formats your code automatically and sets margins and indentation, inserts blank lines, applies standard casing to keywords and identifiers and aligns SQL statements. Auto fixes known PL/SQL problems by adding missing END and LOOP labels, defining IN parameters and re-parenthesizing complex operations.


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