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BlueGriffon is a free open source WYSIWYG HTML editor. It replaces Nvu, an earlier program that was also written by Daniel Glazman. It is based on Gecko, the rendering engine inside Firefox, and uses XULRunner, the runtime environment for Gecko. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. BlueGriffon complies with the W3C's web standards. It can create and edit pages in accordance to HTML 4, XHTML 1.0, HTML 5 and XHTML 5. It supports CSS 2.1 and all parts of CSS 3 already implemented by Gecko. BlueGriffon also includes SVG-edit, an XUL-based editor for SVG that is originally distributed as an add-on to Firefox and was adapted to BlueGriffon. Many features like 'Word Count', 'CSS Editor', 'MathML Editor' or 'FullScreen view/edit' are paid add-ons and most of them are included in the menus or have toolbar icons giving the impression of having the options available, but selecting them only shows a 'commercial add-on' dialog.


Operating System: