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BayFiles is a website and file hosting service that was made by two of the founders of The Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent index site and tracker. BayFiles works by letting users upload files to its servers and share them online. A unique aspect of this file hosting service is that it does not provide a search function for its users or any sort of file directory that could be used to navigate its online file base. BayFiles can be used and accessed by people without requiring them to sign up for it, but it offers higher uploading limits to those who pay a monthly fee. One of the critical features of the BayFiles hosting service is that its founders have chosen to disallow the uploads of any content that violates third party copyright laws. This has come as a surprise to many people who are familiar with the founders of BayFiles previous website The Pirate Bay, which was surrounded by legal controversy concerning copyright issues. In the websites terms of service, it asserts that it will disable the accounts of those users who frequently violate its copyright terms. BayFiles co-founder Fredrik Neij has even claimed to have hired Digital Millennium Copyright Act agents who will help ensure that BayFiles is properly complying with current copyright law. Despite BayFiles goal of complying with digital copyright law, some have speculated that it will still potentially face major lawsuits because of the legal history its founders and their BitTorrent The Pirate Bay have had with record labels and movie studios in the past. But as long as BayFiles never explicitly promotes copyright infringement, it can maintain the legal status of its operation through relying on the precedent established in a 2010 court case won by RapidShare. Ultimately, the founders of BayFiles have expressed their desire to expand the website into a cloud computing service similar to Dropbox. Converting to a successful cloud hosting service is another challenge that the founders are likely to face in light of the recent growth of this market and the power of its major players such as Google and Apple.


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