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Creation of Mentoring and Tutoring Plans in ficticious contexts based in real ones. Students worked in groups of 4 people, and used this tool in several works. The course had a blended structure, so they were able to collaborate face to face and with this online tool (among others) in order to achieve the goals of these works. Review the work of two other groups. Google docs was integrated with Moodle through a Moodle extension - Gluelet (GLUE!, so I created with this automatically the googledocs of students by groups predefined in the Moodle Course.

Area of knowledge: 
Learning goals: 
Collaborate with other professionals and create an educational product
ICT Competences - know how to use google docs
To know the educational legislation in the Region of Castilla y Leon about Action-Tutoring Plans
Create an educational Action-Tutoring Plan that considerates the inclusion of the whole educational community
Create activities for the Action-Tutoring Plan in their defined contexts
Course Name: 
Mentoring and Tutoring for students and families in Pre-Primary Education
Delivery Mode: 
Virtual Learning Environment: