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All the data related to educational ICT tools that can be obtained through We-Share is published by SEEK-AT-WD as Linked Data with an Open License.

SEEK-AT-WD (Support for Educational External Knowledge About Tools in the Web of Data) is an infrastructure that collects descriptions of ICT tools available at the Web of Data and adapts them to be used for educational purposes.
Tools are described using several educational vocabularies, such as Ontoolcole and SEEK (which is also based on Ontoolcole), as well as somo other well-known vocabularies: DBpedia Ontology, FOAF, RDFS, OWL, UMBEL and others. All the data provided by SEEK-AT-WD comes from third-party Linked Data sources.

SEEK-AT-WD is a research work of the Intelligent & Cooperative Systems Research Group (GSIC). Its data is available in RKB Explorer repository, a human interface to the ReSIST knowledge base. RKB Explorer is currently hosted by the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton (UK). It is maintained by Adolfo Ruiz Calleja.

You can use SEEK-AT-WD dataset clicking here. Data can be accessed submitting SPARQL queries to its query interface.

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